What’s worse that being hunted down by death crazed creatures hell bent on ripping your gizzards out? Being in death row at the same time! The Suffering was one of my all time favorite PS2 horror games and still is worth a look at today. Although I’ve not seen it on the PS Store, perhaps in the future?

So what is The Suffering? It’s one of the most sophisticated and psychological survival horror game on the PS2 bar none and this one does it’s level best to give you extra wash days specifically for your soiled underwear, I shit you not (pun intended)! So the central character is on death row, so either way he is about to face a grisly end, so why not go out with a bang? A nightmare on death row begins. You play as death row inmate ‘Torque’, and unlike other survival horror games such as Silent Hill, the scene is set as you go as opposed to via flash backs and dreams. So your character find out what happens when you do, and boy does it happen, a lot, and right from the get go. This one reminded me of those warning at the start of shows on Channel 4 “This next program features swearing and graphic scenes from the outset”. There are flash backs about how you end up on death row though, which sets the scene for Torque and why he is where he is, in clink.


The Suffering is pretty conservative but does not fail to hook you from the start. A great survival horror which I hope makes it to the PS Store soon8/10

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