If 3D rabbits and carrots are your thing, then Jumping Flash! On Playstation will be right up your street. At the time of its launch, this game was very new and fresh after all the 8 and 16bit 2D gaming (not that it was bad of course).

So what was Jumping Flash! All about? I hear you shout. Well, of course it all starts off with a baddy; in this case Baron Aloha is out of control and all set on world domination. You are cast as Robbit, a multifaceted mechanical rabbit, tasked with thwarted Baron Alohas evildoing’s.

The game is set across 18 variously themed levels, all in glorious (well for 1995 that is) 3D. You get jump around in industrial wastelands and snowy mountains, tossing carrot grenades at baddies and trying to stop the Baron.

Our robotic rabbit has an arsenal of weapons that even Arnie would be jealous of (ok, probably not now) each of which is used to dispatch Baron Alohas minions. There are also powerful weapons to find at strategic points within the world for even more mayhem. You can even jump on the enemies from a great height; well you are a Rabbit after all. Tossing a few well timed carrot grenades was always one of my favorite methods of clearing out some nasty critters.

For it’s time it really was a first of its kind and a game that I would love to relive. Maybe Jumping Flash! Vita or Jumping Flash! PSP will beckon me to relive this fantastic first person 3D romp.

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