After much AA point grinding in Northern Grasslands, I felt it high time that my Conqueror got his easy 2 expertise points from the Gateway to Khitai. So off I trundled with claymore in hand to hunt down the NPC’s that offer the quest chains. The first I found was to the left of the open door as you approach the entrance to the Northern Grasslands. The NPC’s name is Taichu and he gives 3 quests (at least to me at 80), one of which is the quest chain which sees you darting around the wall area.

Taichu’s quest chain is as follows: Gate and the thief, Common People, Wei-li, Wei-li’s powder, and finally Kang Zai Summoning.

Upon summoning and defeating the Kang Zai, returning to Taichu gives the Phial of Tranquillity which grants the plucky adventurer with one whole Alternate Advancement expertise point! Jolly Good! But there is another one available too!

In the centrally positioned Medudsjin’s Camp, you’ll find a shaman by the name of Dair Usun and he gives a somewhat quicker quest chain than Taichu’s to get another Phial of Tranquillity. Dair Usun sends you on 3 quests to collect hearts from several of the Gateway to Khitai’s beasties, and then finally on to kill the formidable sand Kraken (well, not so formidable if your at 80).

So a 30 minute spell in the Gateway to Khitai gave me 2 easy expertise points. I have heard rumours that there is another NPC that gives an ‘alternative’ quest chain to Taichu but I have yet to try and do that one. The rumour does state you can only do one of the wall chain quests though.

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