Nearly 2 months on from the launch of Rise of the God Slayer and I am still having fun. While the alternate advancement system was a little different to how I envisaged it to be, I think it’s pretty damn good. Although some of the conqueror specific alternate advancement points seem a bit weak in comparison to other classes, overall I feel quite a difference with 7 weeks worth of points spent.

Since launch, my main aim has been to get to rank 4 with the Last Legion faction, which I finally achieved last week. Of course, getting to rank 4 does not mean I can actually purchase anything yet! I need to get around 800 marks of acclaim to buy 1 piece of epic armour. Although I have my sights set on the two handed edges weapon they offer, a worthy upgrade to my Bloodseeker Claymore T1 sword.

The grind seemed a much easier with the Last Legion than some of the other factions. For example, with the Last Legion, I get 4 quests in Northern Grasslands and each give 2 marks of acclaim and 1850 faction points for completion (plus some other generic items I can sell), this, when combined with the poster quests I can do en route means a round trip of the grasslands can net me around 16,000 faction points in total (from the 4 faction quests and insignias from the poster quests), After a few rounds, I developed an efficient pattern which resulted in getting the 16,000 every 40 minutes or so. The key with the Last Legion is that all faction quests and poster quests are all roughly in a logical order, and pretty easy to complete. The Last Legion also has the added benefit of having faction quests in other zones such as Kara Korum and Pai Kang meaning there is variation from the monotony (albeit not as efficient as a refined grind cycle).

Now compared this to the Hykanians, they are based solely in the Northern Grasslands and have some quests that are quite spread out in terms of what you need to do to complete a single quest. The fact they are based only in Northern Grasslands also means there is not much variation to doing the quests and some of them only give much less than the 1850 that all the Last Legion quests have.

On getting to tank 4, I embarked on completing the Last Legion quests in all the other zones which was very enjoyable after the Northern Grasslands grind. Since the other zones are not as active with other people, I even managed to read the quest lines and follow the stories.

I am now embarking on ranking up with the Tamarin Tigers to get the tiger mount and their heavy armour items. So it’s the autumnal splendour of Chosain Province next for me. Only 965,240 to go…

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